predictive homoeopathy

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

from the seminar transcript from Renate Greißl:
Ophidia - Snakes
(Lach, Crot-h, Crot-c, Elaps, Cench, Naja, Vip, Both etc.)
We tend to prescribe those remedies easily on the base of a few symptoms; mostly it is also a sycotic picture. We need to throw a light on the syphilitic symptoms which are often missed. This is true for many other remedies also!
We need to separate the remedies for getting a single picture of each of them.
Common snake symptoms are all syphilitic generals!
·      Touch on throat cannot tolerate
·      Clothes intolerance at throat and abdomen
·      Bleeders (Naja and Both more nervous system)
·      Hypersensitive (nervous system)
·      Waking agg.
·      Sleep into agg
·      Discharges amel (sycotic)
·      Menopausal or change in life (menarche is sycotic)
·      Flushes in ascending direction (cardio-vascular system)
·      Pains felt at distant parts on touch
Entry points
·      Mind is quick, sharp
·      Easy comprehension (Ophidia are very timid, if they come out of hiding, they always look out for danger.) 
Example: A man was asked to sit in Ambrish´s clinic; when Ambrish went outside for a minute, he would not go into the room without Ambrish being there; when asked why, he explained, that he has certain powers: he can see and understand others very clearly if he sees the person first, if the other person sees him first, it would not work.
Ophidia are timid and very careful; they want to see the other person first, to see if the other person is dangerous. Children will come the first time hiding behind mother; they need to see if there is any danger around (bashful out of timidity). Once they know there is no harm, they come out and try to be the boss (hard on inferiors and soft on superiors).
·      Evenings are better than morning – cheerful in evening, active in evening
·      Morning is worse for snakes – usually they stay in the dark. Dull and sluggish in the morning (cardio-vascular and nervous system are weak, not alert in the morning)
Dull children who won’t accept breakfast in the morning, cannot tolerate touch on
throat,but are excited and alert in the evening, could be Ophidia.
·      CHANGES TOPICS because mind is so fast (in sane persons; in cases of insane people you cannot take it, because the person has lost control of his mind.)
·      Communicative expansive
But these are syphilitic generals! à We want syphilitic particulars!
People who can go beyond the realms of reality
·      TRANCE (like frozen, far away from reality = syco-syphilitic)
·      Clairvoyance (syphilitic)
·      Prophesying (syco-syphilitic)
·      Intuitive (psoro-syphilitic – comes and goes; to take only in acute cases like fevers, not in chronic syco-syphilitic conditions)
·      People, who meditate and during that period they go into deep meditation and it is difficult to awake and bring them back to senses
·      Trance denotes any state of awareness or consciousness other than normal waking consciousness
·      Trance may be associated with hypnosis, meditation, magic, flow and prayer or even convulsions.
·      Mostly snake or drug remedies
CANN-I, STRAM, morph, mosch, nux-m, op
Acon, CAMPH, cham, choc, canth, sabad
·      Sublime – is slightly short of trance
Particulars that could point out to a snake – syphilitic particulars
·      When INFANTS or adults have bleeding from all orifices – Crot-h
·      People who go into coma after mental trauma
·      COMA …
o   Coma with expression of pain on face – LACH
o   Puerperal fever during (only ophidia)
o   Emotions from
o   Menses during / after
o   As if in a trance (Lach, Lauro, Tab)
o   From raising hand above head (compression of circulation in carotid arteries - Lac-c, Lach)
o   When looking up
o   Sunstroke from (OP, GLON, BELL, Lach, cact, camph)
o   Syncope
o   Understands speech but cannot speak (elaps)
o   Measles repercussion, SSPE – Lach
o   Opisthotonus (Lach, Verat-v)
In coma cases we have to go step by step – if there is a bleed, absorb it with Arnica; when the patient is stable you have to go for the constitutional.
If the patient stays in a chronically anemic state of the brain – Mag-m for long standing coma
Immediate collapse – Ars
Coma from medication – Nux-v
Dosage: C200 – on skin – repeated every hour
Coma has physiological, sycotic state and syphilitic state.
Think of Lachesis / snakes in brain tumors
·      When a tumor develops in the head it has to be due to a defense mechanism activated in the tissues.
·      If defense mechanism of padding or fortification (different cells of connecting tissue) has been initiated, there must have been an injury or fear of being injured or a delusion that he may be injured.
·      Delusion being injured on head (Naja) (being injured from above, from the boss)
·      Delusion of being injured by surrounding (always looking out for danger): Lach, Naja, Hyos
·      Injury will receive from friends = Lach (single rubric)
·      Delusion spied upon – Lach, Med
·      Horrible visions behind him – Lach (sweet and affectionate snake = Elaps)
·      Delusion being starved – Naja (think about Naja in cancer of liver)
·      Desires to be in cavity – Elaps (love to play hide and seek)
Nausea of snakes
·      Deadly nausea in stomach – CROT-H
·      Anxiety in stomach with deadly nausea – CROT-H
·      Anxiety in chest waking in morning – LACH
·      Anxiety with nausea – crot, lach
·      Nausea faint like – LACH, vip, naja
·      Nausea throat touched when – (nausea = sycotic; retching / reverse peristaltic = syphilitic)
·      Nausea by tight fitting collars or polo neck
·      Nausea < closing eyes – lach, ther, sabad, thuj
·      Nausea with hiccough – lach
·      Nausea > eating ice cubes – cench
·      Nausea < drinking ice water – lach
·      Nausea light agg - lach (darkness gives energy, darkness amel: Lach)
·      Nausea during jaundice – lach
·      Vertigo with nausea with closing eyes – Lach, Ther
·      Stomach, nausea, eyes closing agg – Lach, sabad, Ther, thuj
·      Nausea related to menses (before/during/after) – crot-h, puls
·      Hemorrhage in conjunctiva – crot-h
·      Anybody who gets injured into eyes, esp. right eye – crot-h
This is a syphilitic symptom of physiology; in such cases the constitutional will not be of use; §82; acute symptoms do not require a big history when there is an external injury.
·      HEMORRHAGE retina blindness with – both, crot-h
External throat
·      Eye – pain pressing, pressure extending outward, pressing throat, when – LACH (lot of ornaments, beautifully styled = cench)
People who have less space between eyes are business people; sharp nose and sharp mind – Crotalus
·      External throat – sensitive thyroid cartilage – alum, lach, spongia
·      Constriction thyroid gland – Calc-s, CROT-C, elaps, Iod, nat-ar, Spongia
·      Headache after wearing tight collar
·      Ear – AIR, sensitive to open air about ears – ars, bell, Borx, bov, caps, caust, CHAM, ferr-p, hep, LACH, merc, Mez, nux-v, petr, tell, Valer
·      Those people who wear scarf to cover their ears, but loose around throat – ars, caust, lach
·      Children who pull away collars
Nose / mouth
·      Epistaxis, dark thin fluid – carb-an, Carb-v, CROT-H, HAM, Lach, Nit-ac, SEC, Sul-ac
·      Liquid comes out through the nose – LACH, lyc, merc, lac-c, baryta
·      Swelling spongy gums – am-c, Lach, merc, nit-ac, sulph, kali-p, kreos
·      Tooth feels elongated – lach
·      Smooth, shining, glazed, glistening tongue
·      Heavy tongue difficult in moving
·      Inflammation of tongue
·      Difficulty while moving the tongue, difficult to protrude
·      Protrusion of tongue; in and out of tongue
·      Pain across the tongue
·      Pain stitching
·      Food lodge on tongue
Internal throat
All affections of pharynx, larynx, throat, tongue, swallowing start thinking of snakes!
·      People who choke when falling asleep, tongue falls back and closes throat
·      Uvula elongated, touches the throat, patient has to cough – Hyos
·      Affections around the throat and mouth
·      Anything about throat
·      Throat - sensitive  à Psora
·      Throat – fullness in throat  à Sycosis
·      Sensation of lump or fullness, something there in the throat  à Sycosis
·      Food lodges in throat  à Sycosis
·      CHOKING, constriction < clothing  à Syphilis
·      Choking on falling asleep  à Syphilis
·      Food lodges in throat (lach, crot-h, nit-ac, caust, zinc)  à Syphilis
Inflammation, sore throat, erysipelatous – APIS, bapt, Bell, crot-c, Lach, lyc, Merc, phyt, Rhus-t

Development phases

We try to understand diseases in two parts – physiology and pathology.
After the case-taking you have to know, what is to treat, the physiology or the pathology.
If physiology is there, we need to take it as an acute case, take the A.f. as well as understand the disposition of the patient.
I want to make things more clear: Many times it happens that a pathological case comes in the guise of a physiological case, e.g. an acute exacerbation of a chronic case, a disease of low intensity in a lesser embryological layer; in such cases also our approach is to understand the disposition in relation to the simillimum.
It all depends upon each and every case being a different case.
Example: A case, which we have cured from deep vein thrombosis or cardiac problems many years ago and was much better during the last 10 years, now comes to us again, suffering from thyroid problems or diabetes. We usually try to give him the same remedy, which helped him the last time, but most of the time it does not work anymore. We try another potency, but again it doesn’t work, because this remedy is no longer the simillimum. Simillimum means “Similia similibus curentur” – that means, we are trying to address the miasmatic process, the miasmatic reflection which is there in the patient.
So if the patient had come earlier with cardiac problems and got cured with Lyc, the same Lyc will not work now.
We need to take it up as a different case and go for a retake.
The presentation of the case has to be understood. When did the problem start?
-> If the starting point is too far back, we need to treat constitutionally.
-> If the problem is only for a few weeks, we have to look for the cause; what disturbed the physiology, the biochemistry, what was the A.f.?
Hence in all the cases, where the patients have problems of biochemistry, it is very important to understand when it did start.
Our yard stick remains the same, our process remains the same, but the approach in understanding each representation of the miasma differs in each patient.
This patient with the cardiac problems at that time defended himself with syco-syphilitic miasm; now he is defending by physiology.
Of course we need a sound base, primarily all the data to know what is to treat; but as we go one step ahead, we need to know the type of case and which approach is needed.
To understand the needed approach, we have to know what is physiology and what is pathology – for this we have to consult with embryology.
In psoric and sycotic cases we know that there is a lot of dynamism and that we can treat them.
But when a case is frankly syphilitic like autoimmune or genetic mutation, I need to know exactly how a body is formed in the womb. As we go higher and higher in understanding the human body, we actually have to understand what is the process inside. This makes finding the right approach more easy and clear for us.

During the first 3 months of pregnancy the anatomic body is formed – the fetus is constantly exposed to the thought process of the mother.
We know, that man is formed from outside ectoderm and inside endoderm, in between there are the organs which are formed from mesoderm; to connect everything we have connecting tissue everywhere. If we differentiate the organs and the tissues, we know exactly which graduation they belong to and that gives us a better understanding of the Hering´s law.
This is only one part of it – once we understand what exactly happens during each and every week of development, we are able to understand, what has caused the genetic mutation in the child.
Physiology is also there during the first three months – there is a continuing process of building up in the human body. But each and every genetic feature the child is forming is a result of thought processes of the mother. Of course we have to see this together with the predisposition and the genetic makeup of the child.

The mental traumas during the first three months will be higher in graduation. During the fetogenesis physiology is more active and the causes will be more physiological, more psoro-syphilitic.

There is a material and an immaterial part of the organism. The material body is formed during the first three months and after 4th month the soul, the immaterial force of viability enters.
At this stage it is the mother´s blood that circulates in the child and hence is influenced by the mother´s physiology:
- Strong drugs like antibiotics etc.
- Physical trauma
- Grief, anger, shock
can influence the growth of a baby and bring about a change in
- Physiology or
- Anatomy of the baby.

The fetus, though viable does not possess its own emotional reactions.
Emotions which are affected by neurotransmitters influence the features of the child.
-> Hence, all new-born look almost the same (barring the racial and miasmatic reflection).
The thought process of the mother is affecting the physical character of the child. It is important to understand the first three months very good.
If there is a problem with forming the tissue of the digits, the arm, the ear or any other part of the body, everything is telling us the thought process of the mother during that particular time.
Hence, all children who develop physiological illness immediately at birth may be traced to mother´s trauma and the remedy can be derived easily.