about Homoeopathy

How to handle psychiatric diseases

  • Specific?
  • Should I prescribe on physicals?
  • Should I prescribe on mind?
  • Should I prescribe taking handful of rubrics...
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  • Violent 
  • From shock 
  • Tossing and turning about in agony 
  • Fright mixed with anger 
  • Intense thirst

Argentum nitricum:

  • Makes him move restlessly,...
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Development of an Embryo


Egg out of food sheath suddenly gets life. 

Development starts and proceeds in following order: 


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Understanding of Rubrics


1.    Déjà-vu: is projecting, playing tricks, they
       only think they have already seen it,
       a f t e r they see it...

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Mind of Pathology


Dr. Prafull Vijayakar was aware that the constitution as a whole, the genetic and epigenetic factors are responsible for how the...

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Syphilitic initial symptoms


One essential aspect of PH is finding the point of entry into syphilis. These are usually §153 symptoms. They can be...

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The genetic constitution 

(from the PH handbook, Günther Lutz)

It is the genes of the individual that are responsible for a physical and mental...

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