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Mind of Pathology


Dr. Prafull Vijayakar was aware that the constitution as a whole, the genetic and epigenetic factors are responsible for how the...

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Syphilitic initial symptoms


One essential aspect of PH is finding the point of entry into syphilis. These are usually §153 symptoms. They can be...

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The genetic constitution 

(from the PH handbook, Günther Lutz)

It is the genes of the individual that are responsible for a physical and mental...

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5.1) The Layers of Pathology – Chart of Suppression


Human beings and their organs or organ systems are initially formed from the blastoderm layer....

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4.1) The direction of cure;case history according to Hering’s Law


Man, 50 years old

For 9 months: skin eczema: itchy, circular, slowly...

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3.1) Tri-Miasmatic Materia Medica

Another essential point is the tri-miasmatic classification of a remedy, which bears some similarity to Masi (1993)...

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If the organism cannot cope with a pathogen, toxin or disease despite a...

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