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The genetic constitution

The genetic constitution 

(from the PH handbook, Günther Lutz)

It is the genes of the individual that are responsible for a physical and mental structure, for its resistance, its hypersensitivity or its receptiveness.

The physical response to a stimulus, e.g. resistance or hypersensitivity to sun, wind, rain, damp weather, cold, heat, colours, touch or emotions, shows how the specific individual reacts in different situations.

These reactions are basically defence mechanisms that are influenced and controlled by the genetic code.

The body, psyche and behaviour of a human as well as the diseases they suffer from are all geared towards defence.

This means that an individual's physical, mental and general predisposition and susceptibility to disease depend on their defence strategies, which, in turn, are based on the genetic code.

If everything is geared towards defence, true healing should be geared towards it as well. The goal of real healing is more about strengthening the individual's defence mechanism and not so much about attacking the hostile stimulus. Treatment should take the mental and physical as well as the general condition into account, since all three are influenced by the genetic code and therefore reflect the type of defence or miasm.

The defence mechanisms are basically defensive and result in the individual being protected from injury. They are based on traits that have been inherited or acquired.

These also determine the physical stature and structure, an aspect which, in turn, makes its mark on defence and survival.

The whole genetic structure of an individual is designed in such a way that the mind, physique, resilience, likes and dislikes, and susceptibility to disease ensure survival for a long time.

Miasm signifies defence! Every individual inherits the qualities from their parents or acquires them in order to defend themselves psychologically or physically. 



·       Quick mind:Agar, Lach, Aur, Op, Hyos, Ign...

·       Excitable Constitutions:Drugs (Bell, Hyos, Cann-i, Cann-s, Op),

·       Exuberance(Cann-i, Coff, Lach, Op, Tarant, Agar, Bell, Croc...),

·       Overconfidence(Hyos, OP, Spig, Spong...)



Statement summary

·       If the constitutional remedy has started working on the genes, systemic medication is not important.
        The genetic code is not influenced by antibiotics and the like. (PH, International Workshop 2017)

·       Predisposition is a genetic trait that makes a person unique.

·       The general and physical disposition as well as the disposition of mind and spirit (angry, shy, tearful,
        extroverted, introverted) reflect the constitution.

·       Predisposition can be subject to change. (PH, extroverted, introverted)

·       Just as the expression of the genes determines the characteristics of a human being, the way they
        express their thoughts and feelings is particularly characteristic.

·       It already becomes clear right after the birth whether the patient is extroverted or introverted.

·       In normal psoric and sycotic cases you need the genetic-constitutional similimum.

·       The genetic characteristics of the constitution that are specific to the individual must be observed.
        (Ex-Intro, p.16)

·       During treatment on the genetic level, interference can particularly occur in the healing process if there
        is treatment by a guru happening at the same time.

·       Treatment with the understanding of Mind of Pathology in advanced, incurable cases