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Syphilitic initial symptoms

Syphilitic initial symptoms


One essential aspect of PH is finding the point of entry into syphilis. These are usually §153 symptoms. They can be found in the sphere of the mind and the disposition, and also in both the general and local symptoms. Syphilitic entry points on the level of the mind and emotions include the desire to kill or suicidaltendencies, for example. General syphilitic symptoms are emaciation with ravenous hunger, analgesia or alternating states. With respect to the body, syphilitic entry points include"as if symptoms" (e.g. pain as if abraded), for example. 

Prescription for cases that develop slowly and tend to be sycotic is mainly oriented towards Kent, in addition to the emphasis on the genetic similimum (see below) and the inclusion of the syphilitic entry point. In terminal cases, on the other hand, prescription practice is partly based on the Boger methodology. 

The syphilitic entry point is particularly important because in chronic diseases (syco-syph.) it is misleading to rely exclusively on disposition and predisposition, as these are often sycotic(Vijaykar, 2015).

Prescribing exclusively for sycotic symptomscan lead to the patient "sliding" deeper into his pathology. However, in case analysis, the predisposition serves as a certainfoundation. 


Expressions of syphilis (in ascending importance)

  1. exaggeration – psoro-syphilitic
  2. distortion – syco-syphilitic
  3. weird-perverse-abnormal – syphilitic
  4. hysterical – syphilitic
  5. autoimmune – syphilitic
  6. genetic mutation – syphilitic

If you have a patient with a deep illness (autoimmune disease), do not try to approach the case with symptoms from the "exaggeration" category – they are not that important. You need a symptom from a higher level (PH Mumbai, 2015, transcript R. Greißl).



You can use the exaggerated symptoms in acute physiological conditions such as diarrhoea, pneumonia or fever.


Distortion (sycosis merging into syphilis)

"Distortion" means bending, lying, spinning, deforming, changing, false representation, twisting, falsification.


Unnatural/Perversion (pure syphilis)

Not natural, abnormal, against nature, atypical, strange, odd, perverse, unusual, intentional misunderstanding, false impressions, inappropriate presentation


Hysteria (syphilis)

Seized with panic, out of control, frantic, hectic, unpredictable, reaction disproportionate to stimulus, impulsive


Destruction (syphilis)

Annihilated, destruction, lost, non-existent


Autoimmune (syphilis)

Destruction of the self, of one's own senses, "I am nobody",destruction of one's own identity