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Understanding of Rubrics

Understanding of Rubrics


1.    Déjà-vu: is projecting, playing tricks, they
       only think they have already seen it,
       a f t e r they see it (not before) = Sycosis,
       don’t mix it up with prophesying or intuition! 


2.    Prophesying: is often logic – fast calculation
       = syco-syphilitic


3.    Intuition: (more psoro-sycotic) – teaching goes deep inside in your genes; you can use it very fast, like
       a reflect action (without thinking about it you can use it).


4.    Lamenting = syphilitic (shows syphilitic kind of pain, begging, praying, beseeching). But you cant take
       lementing in syphilitic cases as an entry point, because it is a psoro-syph. Symptom.









5.    If someone cuts himself again and again, you have to go to the rubric: Desire for death, inclination to
       suicide, etc..

6.    Every emotion that really grabs you, captures you, is syphilitic.



1.    In twins, both children are exposed to the mother's emotions, but one of them is often strong enough
       and not affected. With twins and siblings in general, there is always one strong one (e.g. Merc.) and the
       other is the opposite (e.g. pulse).

2.    In the pre-birth phase, mind is the least important! If a human being is suffering from small problems,
       mind is most important. BUT
       Here we talk about problems which have occurred in the womb, like genetic mutation – here the body
       gets more important than the mind!

3.    If you treat a mentally retarded child and first thing to improve is the understanding and the talking, but
       the body has not improved you are on the wrong track. The law of cure is not showing!

4.    If the illness is genetic in nature we have to hunt in the highest levels – this is called stem-cell-
       simillimum; it contains the traits which a person was born with (they can be absent later). Children, born
       with cerebral palsy, mentally retarded or with deformities on the body are like this because there was an
       emotional conflict in the mother during pregnancy. Here it is especially important to find out, what this
       child was supposed to be genetically, rather than what he really is. What he really is today only gives
       insight into his physiology at this point.

5.    Senses (we talked about this in earlier seminars) 

Example: A person is called from the left side, but he looks to the right side – he can hear, hearing is not destroyed, but he looks at the wrong side, this is abnormal = syphilitic; rubric: hearing, direction cannot tell (arg-n, Carb-an, kali-bi, ter)


Senses syphilitic 

  • Control of senses lost 
  • Anxiety as if control of senses lost 
  • Delusion of senses 
  • Senses confused 
  • Senses control imperfect
  • Senses blunted – dullness of 
  • Time sense changed – see mistake time 
  • Mistake makes space and time in 


6.    For genetic diseases we need a syphilitic rubric (§153). We can then use the sycotic image as


Mind of Pathology: 

·     Opisthotonus means: “I want to defy” – genetically obstinate and defiant! They will never yield! 

·     The body is bent forward / stooped shoulders mean: The man is servile, has no will of his own, giving in,
      no ego, yielding. The name of the disease is not important – it is the disposition behind the disease which
      brings the body in this position. 

·     Dyslexia means communication between both sides is disturbed.

·     Organ affected:

  • Skin = integration, family 
  • Skin problem = problem in family 
  • Head, face, forehead = problem with senior (?father or mother) 

·     Psoriasis itself means problems of integration in family. Excess proliferation of cells is defense to keep it
      intact or make two sides meet.

Symptoms understanding


1.   If we get syphilitic symptoms that threaten LIFE or very existence it supersedes other syphilitic symptoms
      of lesser importance. 

2.   If life or existence is not threatened: Next in importance is syphilis / destruction of sexual identity. Next is
      own identity 




1.    Elaps: (is like Phos, very friendly and sweet) Question to confirm: Had the mother dreams of snakes
       during pregnancy? Yes – lots of times, all kind of snakes! Elaps – likes to cover, hide, playing hide and
       seek, comes quietly out of somewhere, hiding at a narrow place is typical.

2.    Crot-c: similar to Elaps but has dreams of god or other important person

3.    Cann-i: talks about science, dream world. Cannabis, when somebody makes verses 
       Cann-s: is loving and giving. Memories from before birth or even from another life Cann-s

4.   Constitutions that have quick actions of brain 
      Lach, Phos, Aur, Op, Hyos, Ign

      Agar: awkward, misjudge the distance like Stram – locomotion not good 

      Croc: dancing, dancing of muscles/twitching; sensation as if some animal is inside the body; excessive
               bleeding - if no allopathic medication can stop the bleeding = hysterical bleeding 

               Croc is a nerve-remedy – psoro-syphilitic – mostly there is irritation and excessive irritation, but no
               destruction like in MS or MND (syco-syph); you need to know what is to be cured in a disease, in
               each and every disease (§3); if there is inflammation/irritation (psoric), formation (syc) or
               destruction (syph), the remedy has to be similar in that respect also – esp. in physiological

       Stram, Bell, Cann-s (drug remedies) 

       Coffea: sudden excitement and sudden depression 

       Ferr-p, Teucr: (irritability after each and every homoeopathic remedy, even s.l.; dullness after
                              homoeopathic remedies = Sep) 

5.    Calc-sil is the most rigid remedy – when Calc and Sil come together they form concrete.

Sources: PH-International Workshop Mumbai 2017-Seminar Transcript R.Greißl

Picture: public domain,