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Welcome to our page Predictive Homeopathy.

Here you will find information about Predictive Homeopathy in general, about Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, who developed this form of classical homoeopathy, about events already past and prospective as well as about teachers, therapists and literature.

Participants of the seminars will get an access authorisation to a restricted area, were they will get more information about the specific event.

To link the practitioners of Predictive Homoeopathy we point to facebook.com/predictive.homeopathy, to predictive.ch and to our Newsletter.

Enjoy our website.
Beatrix Szabó und Oliver Müller


DVD "Beyond Limits - Ways of Recovering from Serious Pathologies" with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

DVD, PAL, 16 : 9 - 7 DVDs

NEW: Now available as video stream!
Duration: 23 hours approx.
Languages: english / german

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