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Seminar "New insights into Predictive Homeopathy" with dr. Prafull Vijayakar

DVD, PAL, 16 : 9 - 4 DVDs
Running time : approx. 15 hrs
Languages: German/English


Out now -  the DVD of the seminar with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, october 2014 in Regensburg!


This seminar again revealed the profoundness and effectiveness of Predictive Homoeopathy. Dr. Vijayakar showed successfully cured cases of most heavy pathologies like cryptogenic epilepsy, cerebral atrophy, chordoma or liver cancer. Based on the analysis of the video-documented cases a still deeper clarity emerged concerning the valuation of the symptoms and their categorisation into the miasms. A seminar of great value for daily practice!


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We are sorry to say, that we cannot deliver DVDs and scripts to India.


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Seminar "Beyond Limits - Ways of Recovering from Serious Pathologies" with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

DVD "Über die Grenzen - Wege der Heilung aus schwerster Pathologie" mit Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

Available on DVD and NEW: as Video online!

About this seminar:

To say it right out loud: the seminar was sheer incredible! Dr. Prafull Vijayakar presented cases of the severest pathologies, and how to analyse, repertorise and supervise them. All cases were presented with video documentation of the course of the disease until recovery. The focus was on hopeless cases, such as Down syndrome, deafness after meningitis, coma after a posttraumatic brain hematoma. Within the best learning atmosphere, Vijayakar, once again, presented how successful his approach is with great enthusiasm.




This video seminar is available as online video stream and on DVD.


Online Video Stream

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