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3-day seminar with Ambrish Vijayakar

in Zwolle – The Netherlands

 “What you’ve always wanted to know about Predictive Homoeopathy”

Thanks to the tireless commitment of Richard Kersten (Hattem, NL) to introducing Predictive Homoeopathy to the Netherlands, the time has now come to organise a seminar with Ambrish Vijayakar in Zwolle in The Netherlands.

"What you’ve always wanted to know about Predictive Homoeopathy" 

The content speaks for itself. Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar will explain all aspects of Predictive Homoeopathy in a nutshell in a way that is clear and focused. He will use cases to illustrate exactly how to deal with miasms, what the causes of diseases are and how to use this to prescribe remedies. What is meant by "mind of pathology", and how do we find the exact cause so that we feel more certain? What conflicts are a premise for which diseases? Ambrish Vijayakar will present the Vijayakars’ latest findings so as to give us a practical update. 

Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar

No one has studied with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar longer and more intensively than his own son, Ambrish. Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar manages to transfer his enthusiasm for this work to the audience through his lively and inspiring manner. At the same time, he has the gift of being able to pass on his profound and extensive knowledge in a way that is clear, well-structured and easy to understand. The participants at his seminars react with standing ovations lasting for minutes. He has been practising in his own practice in Mumbai, India, since 2004.


Friday, 20 November to Sunday, 22 November 2020

Start: Friday, 20 November at 11 a.m.

End: Sunday, 22 November at 4 p.m.

24 hours (45 mins each) of teaching overall

Het Anker meeting centre
Voorsterweg 36
8042 AD Zwolle

EUR 350

Seminar language:
English; there will be no translation
Dr. Vijayakar speaks English clearly and in a way that is easy to understand.

Please register early as the number of participants is limited.

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