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Seminar “The further development of Predictive Homoeopathy with a new dimension retro and unplugged“


After the loss of Prafull Vijayakar and after Corona, his son, Ambrish Vijayakar is coming to Regensburg. Live.

 The further development of Predictive Homoeopathy with a new dimension

retro and unplugged

 3-day seminar

Date: 05 - 07 May 2023

Place: Regenstauf near Regensburg / Germany

Prafull Vijayakar left a great legacy. Much more than we have been able to experience so far. His son Ambrish has processed and deepened this inheritance, which he worked out together with his father at that time. There is no standstill.
The following topics will receive attention:

  • Mind of Pathology (state of mind behind the disease): A further development will be presented. One can incorporate individual physical symptoms directly into the thought process for remedy finding
  • A better understanding of deliriums and delusions through classification. Which are appropriate for deep disorders, which for more superficial ones?
  • How are symptoms translated so that we find the right rubric for them?
  • Basic rubrics in the repertory are reinterpreted to get a clearer understanding of them
  • Extensive discussion of trimiasmatic materia medica with expanded understanding of remedies
  • The study on different groups like the drug remedies, shy and introvert remedies, hard and soft metals etc.

It will be an exciting seminar !

Come - we all haven't seen each other for a long time - it's time for old and new contacts.

Price: 455,- €

Translation with headphones costs 60,- € extra

Early booking: on receipt of payment of the seminar fee before

April 1st: 445,- € (plus 60,- € for headphone translation)

March 1st: 435,- € (plus 60,- € for headphone translation)

A total of 24 hours of 45-minute classes.

For non-medical practitioners, 18 hours of homeopathic continuing education and 6 hours of clinical continuing education are certified.



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We raffle 3 vouchers for a seminar with Ambrish Vijayakar in Köthen!

The seminar will take place on the weekend Wed, August 2 and Thu, August 3 with Ambrish Vijayakar in Köthen. Topic of the seminar: Masterclass in Köthen: "The further development of Predictive Homeopathy. Mind of Pathology gives clear structures to the solution approach." This seminar will be held in English only. It is not possible to buy tickets for this seminar. Only 3 people can participate in this seminar by lot. The seminar in Köthen has a different content than the seminar in Regenstauf / Regensburg.

Who takes part in the raffle?

All participants of the seminar in Regensburg who have registered bindingly by March 1, 2023 (with payment received by March 1, 2023).




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