"Beyond Limits" 2012
mit Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

Impressions from the seminar "Beyond Limits"

seminar room
Oliver Müller and Beatrix Szabó

Photos: Günter Lutz

Further images will be available for the participants of the seminar in a restricted area.

Seminar "Beyond Limits" with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar from 17th to 20th May 2012 in Regensburg

Short report:

To say it right out loud: the seminar was sheer incredible! Dr. Prafull Vijayakar presented cases of the severest pathologies to the 210 participants from nine countries, and has shown, how he has been able to induce patients’ self-healing powers too such extremes, that even in hopeless cases a full recovery has been achieved. All cases were presented with video documentation of the course of the disease and recovery within several months; plus, medical reports and lab results.

Dr. Vijayakar began with a short theoretical introduction to his philosophy of treatment. He explained the difference between diseases with an impaired physiology, with an impaired structure as well as underdeveloped tissue; in addition the link to Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis, and how this categorisation relates to the choice of a patient’s symptoms. He particularly emphasised the importance of the intellect for the healing of structural pathologies, as the intellect is one, though not the only one, expression of a person’s genes, it is therefore decisive for finding the genetic simillimum.

Dr. Vijayakar stressed clearly, how strictly he follows the Organon and the old Masters, and why this differentiates predictive homeopathy from other homeopathies. He expects, for instance, to always see the law of cure, or Hering’s law (with the sole exception of hysteria), and showed during the seminar, how this development and law of cure can be checked even in the tiniest details, for example, in a patient’s lab results.

With the cases he showed during the four days of the seminar, he was able to impressively prove, how successful his course of treatment is: the participants saw an acute emergency of a patient who presented with panic and respiratory distress; cases of nephrotic syndrome, deafness after meningitis, Rush-Syndrome, necrotic pneumonia, Ataxias of various genesis, as well as two coma patients. Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar showed the video documented case of a patient with severe dementia. All patients have been cured. The symptoms of two patients with Down syndrome were alleviated to such extent, that the two have been able to attend normal schools.

For each case, Dr. Vijayakar explained his miasmatic categorisation, the choice of symptoms, and the differentiation of possible remedies. Surprising was certainly the route of administration for a coma patient. A hands-on experience was the live anamnesis of a family with a toddler who suffers from Alagille-Syndrome. The participants of the seminar will be informed about further developments in the internal area.

Beatrix Szabó interviews Pamela Tatham

Beatrix Szabó interviews Pamela Tatham

Predictive Homeopathy - the next steps?

  • Within a few month time there will be a script at least in German manufactured by Renate Greißl.
  • In a few moth time there will be a video containing the whole seminar. We will let you know when and how.
  • For the participants of the seminar we will install an intranet to spread information about the follow up of the child that was treated on stage.
  • A curriculum for training in Predictive Homoeopathy will be developed of Predictive-Practitioners of Switzerland, of Southern and Nothern Germany.
  • Introducing courses/ working groups and educational trainings will be held in Switzerland, in Hamburg and Regensburg.
  • The activities of Predictive-Followers will be linked to advance intercommunication
  • More books of Dr. Prafull Vijayakars will be translated into German by Gunter Stegk and Steffen Frey.
  • Constandly articles about Predictive Homöopathie will be published in the German magazine HOMÖOPATHIE KONKRET
  • From 2013 there will be a 2-year education with trainings 3 times a year and finishing with a 2 week-practice in India.

Beyond Limits
Beyond Limits - Seminar with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

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