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Differentiation of remedies in panic attack


  • Violent 
  • From shock 
  • Tossing and turning about in agony 
  • Fright mixed with anger 
  • Intense thirst

Argentum nitricum:

  • Makes him move restlessly, must walk, and paces the floor


  • Moderatly restless
  • Apprehension
  • Too weak to move
  • Anguish is in the mind, not in the body
  • Does not want to show weakness
  • Doesn`t want support (Esteem)


  • Involves cardio-vascular-system, causing throbbing, congestion, redness (absence of redness of face rules out Bell) 
  • Fever paroxysmal with delusion of mind


  • Anguish with coldness of extremities, palms


  • Fear with timidity and startling


  • Anger with fright
  • Withdrawal and uncivil behavior


  • Clinging, likes mother, but doesn’t ask for consolation 
  • Erratic movements 
  • One symptom is chasing the other symptom; 
  • State: If you suddenly see a tiger in front of you: First there is shock, you will be bewildered, panicky, running, trying to escape. 
  • No anger


  • Wants consolation, weeping, asking for consolation 
  • Praying and beseeching (Stram)


  • Anger not so much on himself, more on others – inferiors (smaller ones), or on things 
  • Anger on superiors is let out on inferiors 
  • Anger on himself, but would not hurt himself (will not beat on a hard surface in anger, but on a soft pillow) 
  • Will keep the anger in mind (in the evening mother did something against his wish, he does not forget during the night à Anger and irritability in the morning) 
  • Example: PV had a friend, when he was angry, he spent his anger on his nails, pressing and picking; he did not want to show the anger on others out of fear to be beaten, but it had to come out somewhere where it did not hurt.




  • Anger on others, retaliation, rebel.



  • Anger because of disturbance and interruption, will not tolerate any nonsense

Antimonium crudum 

  • Anger at any little attention which is given

Differentiation Rubric: Dictatorial, domineering, dogmatic, despotic:

allox, Androc, apis, arn, ars, bamb-a, Camph, caust, cham, chel, chin, con, cupr, Dulc, ferr, gall-ac, lach, lil-t, Lyc, med, Merc, nux-v, ozone, pall, phos, plat, sulph, thymol, thyr, verat 


Is a very vindictive dictator, he will not let it be until the opponent is finished (but not openly) very passionate; loves to be praised; likes to have followers, but they have to be under his thumb completely; nobody can utter a word against him; a lot of fantasies and fancies about how to get revenge, he plans a long time until he hits back. A lot of cursing. inside, swearing; once he has decided, nobody can stop him – not even he; speech is stinging – slanderous (Verat), can bring down a person openly in public; not concerned about what other people say about him; 


Will not forgive someone; thinks about revenge, but they will not finish the other person off. 


Will slander, insult, bring somebody down in public, but never vindictive; is concerned about his social position; what will people say about me; 



Strong person, who loves consolation (strong Puls); changeability of thermals, every minute he wants the fan on or off, the window open or closed (one of the golden rubrics of Kent); Example: A lady with heart attack in the hospital, was very much perspiring, fan was on – she got Carbo-v – but then blood pressure dropped down – when he went in to see her again, she did not want fan – the husband told, that all the time it goes on like this. She got Camph. and the blood pressure went up. Camph. is a very mild dictator, but doesn’t listen to anyone esp. inside her own house. 


Affected by change of temperature; 


Like a human barometer, agg. by extremes of temperature; rebellious, revolting, hitting back immediately (no vindictiveness) 


Does not express the dictator, I want this whether you like it or not, feels supreme; graceful assertion of her superiority and importance; doesn’t want to argue, just does what she wants. 


Dictator where achievement and success is concerned, not interested in destroying someone, bringing down someone; 


Dictator on the inferiors, soft with superiors (Lach);